Our Services

Wellness Care


 We offer a full array of wellness services to our patients, offering everything from a variety of flea and tick preventatives to meet the needs of every pet and family, to some of the safest vaccinations in the market.  

In addition to all the expected things, we are also happy to offer vaccine titer testing to our patients who would rather ascertain whether or not their pets need to be vaccinated.  

Our wellness appointments strive to help educate our clients and check in on their pets, making sure we are all planning appropriately and doing our best to avoid future problems.  Good preventive care is our first step towards providing your furry family with a long and healthy life.   

Internal Medicine


We are experienced and equipped to treat and manage a wide variety or medical conditions for your furry family members.  

We are able to perform many diagnostic procedures, including digital x-rays, ultrasound, and lab work, in house, and often while you wait for your pet.  This allows us to help you get more answers about your pet's conditions, faster, while reducing the stress of travel for both you and your pet.

Surgical Care


Our office is happy to provide a wide range of surgeries from spay procedures and neuters, to splenectomies, complex soft tissue surgeries, and orthopedic procedures, including ACL repairs.  

Our state-of-the art surgery suite allows us to passively warm patients during surgery and monitor vital parameters before, during, and after surgery.  We also have the capability to  perform and view intra-operative digital radiographs  in the operating suite. 

In-Home Services


Can't get to the office?  Inquire about our Veterinary House-call Services.

Many of our clients have busy families and multiple pets that make travel to a veterinary office stressful or impractical.  Others have elderly pets who are no longer comfortable riding in the car, or are stressed by travel.

Whether you are in need of well-pet care,  palliative care for a sick or aging pet,  or end-of-life care, please call us to discuss how we can assist you and your family.

Drop-Off and Day-Admission Appointments


Short on time but your pet needs to see the Doctor?  We understand your busy schedule.  Whether you need to drop off your pet the night before a surgical procedure, or leave your pet with us for the day when he or she isn't feeling well, talk to our staff about how we can help.   Our caring and experienced staff will watch over your pet, while they relax in our new, climate controlled pet hospital.

No need to take a sick day to take your pet to the vet... our drop-off services and day-admissions can help you, while getting your pets the care that they need!    



Pets need dental care too!  Whether they are having trouble eating, have bad breath, tooth pain, or just need a cleaning, you can trust our experienced staff to gently help your pets achieve better oral health!