Christopher T. Corrado, DVM

Dr. Corrado is our primary doctor, and practice owner. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from Cornell University in 2007, and his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Michigan State in 2011. His areas of professional interest include soft tissue surgery, allergies and immunology, analgesia, and client education. Dr. Corrado has a wonderful son, Alexander, who is frequently at the office with him. When he is not in the office, the doctor’s hobbies include gardening, wine making, and especially barbecue and wood fired cooking. If you ever really want to get him talking, mention brisket! He is thrilled to have returned to his home state after too many years away, and looks forward to providing exceptional care to his clients pets for many decades to come! 


Dr. A. J. Cooley, DVM, MS (Specialty Surgeon)


Dr. Cooley joins the office several days a month to provide non-emergency specialty surgical care to our patients. She brings with her vast experience in orthopedic repairs of the hip and knee, as well as an extensive list of other orthopedic and soft tissue surgical procedures. Dr. Cooley received her Veterinary Degree from the University of Tennessee in 1993. She completed her small animal surgery residency at Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 1996, and joined the staff of Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine as a lecturer from 1996-1999. She is one of the most informative and capable surgeons I have ever encountered, and our clients love their interactions with her! We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Cooley to our practice and look forward to providing your pets with the very best in surgical care! 


Megan Swetz

Megan joined the practice when she returned to the northeast from Florida in 2017, where she worked at a progressive animal hospital for over 11 years. Megan has a special interest in Small Animal Veterinary Dentistry and brings a tremendous amount of insight and experience with her to every case. In her time not spent at the office, Megan enjoys running 5ks, hiking with her dogs Keonna and Rex, and slinging drinks as a bartender at her second job (she is a bit of a work-a-holic). 


Bettina Pirez

Bettina joined our practice in 2015 from the human healthcare industry, working in senior care. Bettina much prefers taking care of our fine furry friends than she ever did humans, and is excited to bring her attention to detail with her to our new office. When she isn’t working, she is passionate about her husband Matt, her two beautiful children, and her dog, Thor. Bettina’s other hobbies include tattoo artistry, graphic arts, and hanging out at the beach. 


Geraldine Walters


Gerry joined our office in 2018. Gerry is very interested in veterinary practice, but because she has such a busy family life, she only joins us on Saturdays at this time. Gerry has two wonderful children, and a great husband who is in the national guard and helping keep our wonderful country safe. She has an adorable puppy named Daisy and two energetic horses to help keep her even busier.  


Margaret Holloway

Maggie joined our practice as a volunteer pre-vet student in 2017, and signed on as an employee in 2018. She will be leaving us in August to begin her Sophomore year at Cornell University. Maggie is wildly allergic to cats, so this really is a labor of love for her. She hopes to go to Veterinary School when she finishes her undergraduate degree. Maggie is also a white water rafting guide, and likes to paint and play softball.